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  10. God is on the throne

    This week was one of the hardest this year. From ongoing challenges at work to unending arguments with my mother and having to deal with uncontrolably missing my boyfriend who is tons of kilometres away and realising that this is how we might spend the rest of our lives, me at home missing him for a whole month.

    Reminded me of how I’ve had to make some tough decisions from a very young age, and with that came a lot of growth. I didn’nt always make the right decisions, obviously because I was young, and I’ve had to pay the price for these. In a nutshell; life hasn’t been easy, but because I have been around - I have found ways to get through. I have found ways of winning even when I am pushed to the limit.

    When I encounter challenges and feel afraid, I constantly remind myself that no matter how big challenges may be, no matter how hard situations can be; God is still on the throne.

    There is no challenge too big to shift God from His position. And for as long as God is on the throne, I will be victorious. I overcome obstacles because God is King. Not because I am clever or lucky. It’s because God is in control, He makes decisions; and when He makes all the decisions I am guaranteed a peace that goes beyond traditional rules. When God is in control, I am guaranteed victory. Because God has assured me that He is on my side and has my best interests at heart.

    The bad and good decisions I make can never move God from where he sits. I can have the toughest day in the world, I can be pushed until I can’t hold on anymore, but that will not make God any less powerful. Yes, I will have misunderstandings with my mother, yes I will have challenges at work, yes I wil miss my boyfriend heavily, yes I will have challenges, but God is still on the throne.

    So you know what, I will forget my screw ups, forget the bad times, forget everything that brings me down and celebrate the power of God. I choose to embrace who God is regardless of the circumstances I am in.

    So remember friend, the next time you feel down or defeated, remind yourself of the strength of our father in heaven. Remind yourself of the position and power that God holds.

    May the knowledge of God give you peace and get you through whatever you may be going through today.